The History of UNO

In the early 1980s, UNO began building its community base and forging itself into the core of local Chicago neighborhoods. Our commitment to educational opportunity and economic advancement for Chicago’s Hispanics has always been at the helm of our mission.

Our movement to bolster public education in Chicago would become one of the most radical and innovative public school transformations in U.S history. UNO effectively stepped onto this civic and political stage as an emerging player in the 1980s, working through its growing community infrastructure to organize thousands of Hispanic parents under the banner of school reform.

UNO has a history of challenging the status quo. Individuals trained through our leadership sessions have begun to emerge throughout the city as new voices and agents of change for their community.

Even today, UNO continues to build up this community by reaching out to block clubs, churches, small businesses, schools and many other organizations, carving a path into the middle class for the nation’s largest immigrant community. We are grounded in a vision that flourishes with every emerging community leader who finds his or her own voice to promote education and economic prosperity across every Latino neighborhood.