We are the United Neighborhood Organization

In 1984, UNO began as a grassroots effort between community groups, block clubs and churches to fulfill the developmental needs of the Hispanic immigrant community in Chicago. By creating elements that unite communities, UNO believes in the potential to transform entire neighborhoods, giving families a better chance at achieving the American dream. Over the past 30 years, UNO has focused on three direct principles: improving education, promoting citizenship and cultivating leaders, all to ensure the economic advancement for generations of Hispanics, and setting an example of what’s truly possible.

Who We Are

Today, UNO has emerged as the largest organization of its kind in the region, dedicated to the successful assimilation of Hispanics into American society. Nearly 20,000 individuals participate in UNO sponsored community events and forums each year. Following a rich tradition in education, civic responsibility and community leadership, the UNO network is a proven organization known for creating pathways and opportunities for the nation’s largest immigrant community, a vital part of our city’s history and future.